Announcing the Marussia Virgin Racing F1 Championship for the Codemasters F1 2010 Game

At Marussia Virgin Racing we want you to get involved. So we are introducing our own championship, where you can (virtually) drive our cars.

The Marussia Virgin Racing F1 Championship will be played on the Codemasters F1 2010 Play Station and XBOX game. Before each Grand Prix of the season, all the players will have five days (always starting on the Monday before the GP weekend) to set a fast lap on the track where the race is going to take place that week.

Everyone will always have to compete using the 2010 specification race car (you can either drive as Timo, or add your own name – or even Jérôme’s). The lap can be achieved in any of the three practice sessions or during the qualifying session.

The result will have to be posted on Twitter (replying to @Marussiavirgin) or on the relevant event page on Facebook. We will also post the results, pictures and videos on our Official Facebook Page. We reserve the right to ask competitors to record a lap within one second of their posted time and upload it to YouTube. A screenshot of each time must be posted to enter each race.

We will use the same points system as in Formula One (25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1) for the 10 best laps of every Grand Prix.

Competition starts on Monday 21: everyone has to post their best time as well as commenting on the track (what they found easy / difficult etc…) Always using a hashtag per race #MVRF1C_(race) so for example, #MVRF1C_Australia
21/03 – 25/03 Australia #MVRF1C_Australia
04/04 – 08/04 Malaysia #MVRF1C_Malaysia
11/04 – 15/04 China #MVRF1C_China
02/05 – 06/05 Turkey #MVRF1C_Turkey
16/05 – 20/05 Spain #MVRF1C_Spain
23/05 – 27/05 Monaco #MVRF1C_Monaco
06/06 – 10/06 Canada #MVRF1C_Canada
20/06 – 24/06 Europe #MVRF1C_Europe
04/07 – 08/07 Great Britain #MVRF1C_GB
18/07 – 22/07 Germany #MVRF1C_Germany
25/07 – 29/07 Hungary #MVRF1C_Hungary
22/08 – 26/08 Belgium #MVRF1C_Belgium
05/09 – 09/09 Italy #MVRF1C_Italy
19/09 – 23/09 Singapore #MVRF1C_Singapore
03/10 – 07/10 Japan #MVRF1C_Japan
10/10 – 14/10 Korea #MVRF1C_Korea
24/10 – 28/10 TBD *
07/11 – 11/11 Abu Dhabi #MVRF1C_AbuDhabi
21/11 – 25/11 Brazil #MVRF1C_Brazil

(*) As India is not included in the 2010 game, the track to be used is still to be decided. For Germany, the game will use Hockenheim, not Nürburgring.

via Virgin Racing.

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