Peter Windsor’s Pre-season Feelings – Part 1 & 2 –

There should be more television as well; Formula 1 should be more accessible media-wise and I don’t think it’s very difficult to come up with creative ideas.
Six hundred million TV viewers don’t go away over the winter – they’re still thirsty and that’s a huge audience. I’m surprised, actually, that the teams don’t make their factories and their personnel more accessible to the media in the close season and between races, for that matter, because it’s one big show.

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I think most people would be very impressed and think, ‘Wow, a Formula 1 car’s very cool!’ but if you say, ‘Look at this amazing KERS package which we have, which recycles energy and does this and does that,’ they’d look at you with a blank face not knowing what you’re talking about. To me, KERS is a waste of time and far too complicated for the fans and for the sport, unlike the new engines.

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